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6 Self Storage Myths

6 self storage myths, american self storage, russellville alabama, moulton alabama

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Self-storage has been used for decades to store everything from businesses to personal effects and even historic documents. The list of what individuals keep in self-storage units is endless. Long-term self storage facilities have rapidly grown in popularity and convenience, providing a safe and secure way to store extra items.

Typical storage containers come in a number of sizes and are outfitted with high levels of security, temperature control, and other features. While you may be aware with the fundamentals of self-storage and how it may benefit the typical home or company owner, how much do you really understand about the restrictions and preconceptions associated with this handy storage option?

In this post, we’re discussing six popular self-storage misconceptions in order to provide you with a better understanding of how self-storage works. Read on to find out about some widespread misconceptions and why they aren’t true.

Self Storage Isn’t Secure

Despite popular belief, most modern-day facilities are protected by security measures such as alarms and surveillance systems. A safe storage unit may be a preferable solution for valuables and important items than your own house on numerous occasions.

At home, you may be allowing visitors in, having supper or parties, as well as having friends of friends over on occasion. These are all possible reasons for theft, regardless of how trustworthy you believe your visitors to be.

At least with self-storage, you can be certain that your stuff is out of sight and reach and only accessible to you via a unique code. American Self Storage’s units are under surveillance and protected with alarms, cameras, and lighting to guarantee that you may leave the unit confident in the knowledge that your belongings are safe.

You Can Store Any Item

As it turns out, contrary to popular belief, you can’t just store whatever you want in your storage unit. Every facility has its own set of guidelines regarding what may be stored, and it’s critical and considerate to follow and be aware of these regulations. Guns, weapons, and firearms are generally not permitted in storage facilities, so never put them in there.

Additionally, you might not realize that some facilities don’t welcome certain kinds of liquids or hazardous materials because of their potential to damage the environment, so be sure to check with your storage location before dumping anything odd in your unit.

American Self Storage, Russellville Alabama, Moulton Alabama

Self Storage Facilities Are Dirty

Self-storage facilities (at least high-quality ones) should adhere to stringent cleanliness standards, contrary to what you may have been told. Storage containers should be insect, pest, and dust-free. The facility itself should be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis so that visiting your storage unit is an easy experience for you.

Self-Storage Is for Hoarders

Self-storage isn’t only for people who have a lot of stuff and trash. It’s also useful for minimalists wanting to downsize as well as travelers needing a storage space for their belongings while they’re away on long trips.

Self-storage may be utilized in a variety of creative and unusual ways, which can generally make everyone’s life simpler in one way or another. After all, who couldn’t do with an extra bit of storage?

You Can Live Inside Self Storage

Self-storage facilities are not intended to be inhabited or even slept in on occasion. You may possibly have heard differently or seen it happen in a film or television show, but this is rarely the case. While storage containers are clean and frequently temperature controlled, they aren’t an excellent location for any living creature to live in. And yes, that includes you!

A Long Term Commitment Is Required

American Self Storage recognizes that life may throw unexpected curveballs at you. We recognize that circumstances can change, and life can be chaotic. As a result, we provide short-term leases and never push for long-term contracts or commitments. Our storage unit rentals are adaptable, allowing you to lease for just a month at a time.

American Self Storage, Russellville Alabama, Moulton Alabama

Self-storage is ideal for both long and short-term rentals, as well as storing items that you don’t have room for at home. Self-storage can assist you in keeping your life and home organized and efficient. There will be no more walking on eggshells around clutter or mounds of rubbish.

For more information on self-storage units, American Self Storage has two facilities located in Russellville Alabama and Moulton Alabama.

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