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Garage vs. Self-Storage: Which One Is Better?

Garage vs. Self-Storage: Which One Is Better? , American Self Storage, Russellville Alabama, Moulton Alabama

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Many people struggle with the decision of whether or not to add on extra rooms for storage when their homes aren’t equipped with enough space. It’s a typical problem that many homeowners confront—the need for more storage that is both convenient and safe and secure to keep their surplus items. When it comes to storage solutions, our first thought (besides closets and cupboards) is to simply buy a storage unit.

There are two kinds of people who search for storage units: those looking for self-storage, and those looking for garage storage. The question now is: which one is better? Which provides more convenience and security – the extra room in your house or a self-storage facility?

Garage space may be useful and cost-effective, but it isn’t the only solution for more storage area. In fact, self-storage is another low-cost and efficient storage solution in which you can rent any of your desired storage containers for as long as you want. Continue reading to see how these two popular choices compare: garage vs. self-storage.


Garage space for additional storage is clearly a plus. This is convenient if you have need your things, you don’t have to go far to get them. However, not everyone has garage space, and if you do, it may already be fully utilized. In this situation, self-storage comes in useful and can often be found within a short drive from your home. In addition, you don’t have to worry if the garage space is full because there is always a storage unit that can accommodate your items.

At American Self-Storage, our location is easily accessible and our units are video monitored and available 24/7 for your convenience and safety. With self-storage access being straightforward and simple, it makes more sense to store items that you will use less frequently here, while those that get more regular use can be placed in your garage.

Limited Space

Self-storage facilities often provide a wide range of container sizes. Garages, on the other hand, only have small units available for rent. Furthermore, because your garage space will most likely be shared with cars, bikes, lawn mowers, and any outside equipment, it will leave less room for anything else. If you need more area than your garage can provide, self-storage with a variety of unit sizes is the ideal choice.

Cost Effectiveness

While both storage methods may be cost efficient and budget-friendly, we usually perceive garages as being the less expensive alternative because they are essentially built into the price of your home. You will have to pay monthly rental fees if you use a storage container, which can be more costly but will ultimately provide greater peace of mind.

This is due to the fact that trustworthy storage facilities provide security and appropriate conditions for the items being kept to avoid damage, theft, fire, or flooding. In this scenario, when you consider everything together, the money spent on storage unit expenses is absolutely worthwhile.

Safety and Security

Renting a storage space from a self-storage facility allows you to be confident in its cleanliness and safety. A storage facility is a safer location to keep pricey or important goods that can’t readily be replaced than your garage, which is vulnerable to theft. Storage facilities maintain a higher level of security than normal garages, and many include CCTV cameras for further monitoring.

When it comes to determining whether you should build a garage or use a self-storage facility, consider the objects you’ll be keeping. If they’re valuable, go the self-storage route rather than building your own garage.

Climate Control Advantage

While your garage may be a handy and simple storage solution, one advantage of self-storage is that it is temperature controlled. This is especially crucial if you reside in an area with frequent temperature changes or humidity, which can damage your possessions.

Humidity and dampness can harm just about everything from wood, appliances, and furniture to papers, gems, and jewellery. Keep your valuables safe from the elements by storing them in a climate-controlled facility.

Sometimes, even the area in our home isn’t enough. You’ve used up all of your closets and garages and are seeking for a different way to store your belongings while keeping them safe from theft and the elements. For many homeowners, space is certainly at a premium.

This is especially true if you own a condo or rent an apartment with no garage. It’s even more important in these circumstances to find safe, secure, and climate controlled storage options that you can rely on. For more information on renting a storage unit, please call American Self Storage at 256-974-1231 (Moulton, AL) or 256-332-1515 (Russellville AL). Our team of professionals are equipped with the knowledge to help you make a wise and practical decision about your storage needs.

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