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Storage 101: The Basics of How Self-Storage Works

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If you’re considering to use a storage unit but have never rented before, you might have some questions about getting started. Commonly asked are, “what size unit do I need?” or “how much does self-storage cost?” Luckily for you, American Self Storage has the answers. Use this storage guide to learn more about self-storage prices, types, sizes and much more.

What is Self-Storage?

Self-storage units are simply garage/shed extensions that offer a clean, dry, and safe place to store your stuff for as long as you need. American Self Storage rents units on a month-to-month basis so you only pay for the time you need. For anyone who wants to de-clutter or needs extra space during a move, self-storage is a viable solution.

Reasons for Renting Self-Storage

There are a variety of reasons why individuals need self-storage, and it often extends beyond the fact that they have too much stuff. In many situations, common life events might necessitate short- or long-term storage.

Common Reasons People Rent Self-Storage:

  • Seasonal storage – Many people store lawn equipment, winter clothing, recreational vehicles, holiday decorations, and other seasonal objects in the off-season to save space.
  • Remodeling – Storage is ideal for keeping everything in order and safe until your project is completed. Storage units are a wonderful method to keep things organized and secure until your project is done.
  • College storage – Students who want to avoid transporting their dorm room items home for the summer frequently store them in a storage facility on campus for maximum convenience.
  • Moving – Self-storage is frequently employed as a temporary housing for furniture, appliances, clothing, and other household items during complicated moves.
  • Military deployment – During their deployment, armed service personnel may store their valuables in a secure location. Military families are frequently on the go, which is why this also applies to them.
  • Extra vehicle storage – Storage isn’t just for furniture and boxes; you can store motorcycles, ATV’s, golf carts and other small motorized vehicles that you don’t have room for or don’t want cluttering up your garage.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need? Different Storage Sizes and Types

Selecting the proper size storage container is a major component of the process. After all, you don’t want to spend more money than necessary, and you don’t want to have insufficient room for your belongings. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods to figure out which size is ideal beforehand – or at the very least get an impression.

Begin by making a list of your belongings. Count the number of boxes or plastic storage containers you’ll need to store, as well as any appliances and furniture, and note anything unusual shaped or non-stackable. A storage expert can most likely recommend a size for you after you complete this step.

You may also assess the amount of space you’ll require by stacking your possessions in your driveway or garage, similar to how you would in a storage unit. Determine the measurements of your accumulation and compare them to available storage container sizes using a tape measurer. If you’re moving your belongings in a moving truck or van, just note down the vehicle

Common Storage Unit Sizes

American Self Storage has two convenient storage locations; one in Russellville Alabama and one in Moulton Alabama that offers a wide variety of storage unit sizes; from small storage lockers to spacious 10’ x 20’ rooms. View our self-storage size guide to get a better idea of what sizes are available, what they are commonly used for and what vehicle will work best for transporting items to that space.

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units are climate-controlled storage spaces housed inside of a single or multi-story building. These units are often used for storing items you want kept indoors and protected from the elements. Indoor storage units offer the most security and are accessible via hallway.

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units are similar to a backyard shed or garage; your belongings are completely covered and locked away, but the unit is outdoors with no climate control. On the plus side, outdoor storage units typically have drive-up access, so loading and unloading is much more convenient.

What Options Does American Self Storage Offer?

There are a variety of storage options available at your chosen storage facility; each caters to customers’ needs differently. Knowing what options are out there is key to finding the right storage unit and getting the most out of your purchase. Keep in mind that not every location has the same options. For more information about the facility near you call 256-332-1515 (Russellville AL) and 256-974-1231 (Moulton AL)

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage spaces are indoors and maintain a temperature between 65 and 85 degrees year-round. This feature is ideal for items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity. This includes clothing, electronics, antiques, photos, musical instruments and more.

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage is an indoor or outdoor storage space specifically for storing motorcycles, ATV’s, golf carts and other small motorized vehicles that you don’t want or can’t store at your property.

24-Hour Access

Just as the name implies, 24-hour access allows you to visit your storage unit at your convenience. This allows for you to manage your storage space after the facility’s office is closed and outside of normal access hours.

Drive-Up Storage

Drive-up storage units are located outdoors on street level, meaning you can park your vehicle directly outside your storage space for maximum convenience. This option is ideal if you need frequent access to your belongings and you don’t require climate control.

How to Rent a Storage Unit Near You

After you determine which type of unit and size will accommodate your needs best, you can begin by contacting the American Self Storage facility nearest you at 256-332-1515 (Russellville AL) and 256-974-1231 (Moulton AL).

Here’s how:

1. Choose the Storage Location Near You

American Self Storage’s main office is located at 15125 Court Street Moulton, Alabama, 35650. You can call the main office at 256-974-1231 to speak with a storage expert.

2. Determine your Budget and Research Self-Storage Prices

Storage unit prices vary considerably. The monthly rental price is determined by a variety of criteria, including as interior vs. outdoor, climate control, facility location, and unit size. It’s crucial to know your budget so you can see which facilities and/or units are right for you and compare costs.

3. Things to Do for Move-In Day

Have you reserved your storage unit? Great! Now you’re ready to move in. Moving into a storage unit may seem pretty self-explanatory, but there are some details that you should be aware of beforehand. Check out this move-in day checklist so you’re up to speed on what to do before move-in day.

4. The Dos and Don’ts of Self-Storage

Did you know there are some items that you can’t store in a storage unit, or that you can manage your storage unit online? There might be a lot about renting a storage unit that you don’t know! Take a moment to review these dos and don’ts of self-storage and optimize your storage space.

5. Storage Payment Methods

Most self-storage facilities rent units on a month-to-month basis, meaning there are no long term leases or contracts. In most cases, you can set up an account and conveniently make your monthly payments and manage you storage unit online. You can also set up autopay for added convenience.

6. Self-Storage Insurance

Most storage facilities require customers to insure their stored belongings. You can apply homeowners or renters insurance, but it’s recommended that you purchase stored property insurance from the facility, as not all homeowners and renters insurance cover personal property stored in a storage unit.

When you are ready, American Self Storage is ready to assist you with all your storage needs.

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