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Tips for Storing Rugs and Carpets

Tips for Storing Rugs and Carpets, American Self Storage, Russellville Alabama, Moulton Alabama

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Rugs and carpets are a major aspect of home design that may quickly change the appearance and feel of your house. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as materials to match your tastes. Another thing to consider when selecting rugs and carpets is their cost (particularly the bigger ones) and the difficulty of keeping them clean and in good condition.

Rugs that have been cooped up in storage for months (or perhaps years) can acquire unpleasant scents, be damaged, and lose their form and appeal.

Keep your rugs looking wonderful while they’re in storage by following these eight steps. We’ve come up with some essential measures that you should take when storing carpets or carpets for lengthy periods to keep them looking fresh. It might require a little more effort and attention to detail, but it will be well worth it when you take them out of storage and they look as good as new.

Clean Before Storing

The first thing you’ll want to do is give your rugs a thorough cleaning before you move them into storage (if possible). Even if they were kept clean, the harsh winter weather might have had some adverse effects on your rug. A deep clean, especially with shampoos or spot cleaners, will help to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has gathered on them over time.

Be Mindful of Materials

After vacuuming and sweeping all of the filth and grime from your carpets, you may want to spend some more time steaming clean, washing, or spot cleaning specific locations on them. Keep in mind that the next cleaning method you use is determined by the kind of materials your rug is composed of and the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning it.

Many carpets and rugs are delicate or prone to damage so it’s important that you don’t use a cleaner that may be too harsh or one with a high pH level in order to protect the color in your rug. Some of the materials that might determine what kind of cleaning agent you can use include: cotton, nylon, leather

Roll It Up

Folded rugs and carpets are never a good idea. Crease formation and damage to the materials can result from this. To keep it as straight as feasible, wrap your mat up with a pole. The rear of the carpet generally faces outward to protect the fibers and materials on the front side.

Keep Pests Away

Dirt and germs on your rugs may attract pests and insects, which can quickly degrade the carpet’s integrity. Spray your stored items with a repellent to avoid insects or vermin from damaging them. Just be sure that the repellent you choose is non-toxic to fabrics and does not contain pesticides. If your rugs are large, you can use cans of chemical repellent rather than simply spraying it.

Pack It Well

The best way to store area rugs is to roll them up and place them in a sturdy container that will keep out dirt and moisture. If they’re too delicate or large for safe storage inside the house, then consider taking them to a storage unit where they will be kept safe.

Protect with a Cover

Wrap or cover your rug with a cotton sheet or brown craft paper for an extra layer of safety and protection. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, high-quality polyurethane wraps are available that are specifically designed for rug storage. Rather than using plastic, which can be suffocating, the goal is to cover your rug completely without blocking the airflow, which will help to preserve your rug’s natural color.

Use Climate Controlled Storage

When storing your carpets or rugs, you must use the proper type of storage container. Make sure the storage unit you pick is climate controlled, which means that the temperatures will not vary and your fabrics will be free from humidity, mould, mildew, or damage.

To avoid collecting odors, mould, or damaging the materials, rugs and carpets should be kept clean and dry. Regardless of the weather or humidity levels, your rugs (and other furniture) will be protected from the elements thanks to climate control.

Make Occasional Checks

If you want to be sure your carpets and rugs stay in good shape while they’re being stored, it’s a good idea to check on them from time to time. Unroll your rug and take a look at it thoroughly once every 3-4 months. To be completely dust-free, you may need to clean it now and then.

If you intend to keep your rugs or carpets rolled up in storage for a long time, it’s a good idea to check on them once every few months. Rugs, as well as any other statement home decor item, can be costly to replace. Some pieces might even be one-of-a-kind, such as vintage rugs or special handmade items. If there is a noticeable change in the appearance of the carpet, it’s likely time to pull it out and check things over.

Inspect for Mildew

Inspecting your rugs and carpets for mildew growth is important to avoid a serious problem. Mildewed components may need to be dry-cleaned or laundered. If mildew spots are found, you may need to discard the area of the rug/carpet that has been affected as the stain will not come out through cleaning.

To make the most of your stored rugs or carpets, keep them untouched in a dry, well-ventilated location with normal temperature and humidity levels. The sun’s UV rays should be blocked to avoid fading colors in the materials. If there are stains on your rugs or if they need re-conditioning, bring them to a professional for treatment before returning them to your home or storage space.

Clean your Rugs at least once a year

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your rugs and carpets, whether they’re stored in a garage, basement, attic, closet, or spare room will help ensure their quality and appearance. Taking these steps can make it easier for you to spot spills or dusty footprints, in addition to helping your rugs stay clean.

For more information on self-storage units, American Self Storage has two facilities located in Russellville Alabama and Moulton Alabama.

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